Through a free consultation, I can help you to choose whether a practical coaching session at the climbing wall, or whether online coaching/ counselling would suit you best.  Usually, its best to start with a face to face session at the wall so we can get to know each other and work on some basics, with further sessions running online via Skype or FaceTime to help you improve further.

For both methods, I’ll ask a lot of questions designed to help get to the bottom of any difficulties you may be having with your climbing, and we will come up with a formulation or explanation of why you have been struggling.  Then we will draw up a plan of how to tackle those issues.  I use evidence based techniques such as behavioural methods, cognitive therapy, mindfulness and goal setting to improve your performance.

One to One Coaching

Working with you on a 1:1 basis at a climbing wall or out on the crag, I will help iron out any mental blocks and teach you some skills and techniques to manage fear, stay motivated, and maintain focus and concentration.

Prices from £60/ hour or £250 for a full day including notes and mental training programs.

Skype sessions and online sports counseling

If you live a way away, or need ongoing mental skills coaching, then Skype sessions may suit you.  Sessions are arranged at mutually convenient times, and can help you to improve your focus, manage negative self talk, tame anxiety, and overcome stressful events.  Particularly suitable for competition climbers. Prices from £60 per hour, including session notes and mental skills training programs, with discounts available for a pre booked block of sessions.